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Revit MEP

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Coordinating MEP Space Tags with Architectural Room Tags

Matt Dillon's Blog, "Breaking Down The Walls" explains that when you link an architectural model into your MEP model, you can use the Space tool to place MEP Spaces wherever the architect has placed rooms, giving you full and independent control over the upper limit offset and other analytical properties.

The problem is, the Space Tag that is added to the Space has no obvious relationship to the original architectural room name or number in a linked project. The Space has it's own name and number! Rather than manually editing the Space properties to match the room name and number (and running the risk that either the room name or number could change in a subsequent reload of the architectural model), you can make a simple edit to the Space Tag family to keep the Space and Room in sync.

See how here =>

Thanks Matt

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