Revit MEP

Revit MEP

Friday, December 08, 2006

"Systems" in Revit

There are a variety of MEP systems that can be created in the new Revit Systems. I wanted to break each disipline down to all the different systems that are available to be created.

Starting in the Mechanical Duct disipline, you can create supply, return and exhaust systems for your duct and equipment. You can create the system by placing your equipment, and then selecting that equipment and selecting the system you want it to be assigned to in the Options Bar.

In the Mechanical Piping disipline, you can create Hydronic supply, Hydronic return, or Other. You would create these systems in the same manor as the duct systems.

In the Plumbing disipline, you can create Domestic Hot Water Supply, Domestic Cold Water Supply, Sanitary and Other systems.

Finally, in the Electrical disipline, you can create a variety of systems. Power, data, telephone, security, fire alarm, nurse call, controls and communication circuits can be created by selecting the equipment and devices that are placed in your drawing, and assign them to a system.

The thing about Revit Systems, is that you design these systems as if you were installing and connecting the systems in the field.

You cannot create additional systems like you can in the Style Manager in ABS. And there is limited equipment that can be assigned to these systems as of now. For example, there are Fire alarm, data and telephone devices that come with Revit Systems, but no security, nurse call, controls or communication devices yet. You will need to create new Families and assign them to those systems.