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Revit MEP

Friday, November 30, 2007

Interoperability of software in the construction industry

This is something I read that I found really interesting. It’s a long article, but I summed it up below. This is something that I see with our customers right now, and how they are re-drawing projects because of the inability or reluctance to share data.

The link to read the full article is here.

-Scott Brisk

Interoperability is the ability to manage and communicate electric product and project data among collaborating firms such as architects, engineers, contractors, owners and building product manufactures. Also the ability to implement and manage collaborative relationships among members of cross-disciplinary build teams that enables integrated project execution. If all members of a build team can freely exchange data across different applications and platforms, every member of the team can better integrate the project delivery.

Interoperability issues are gaining attention with the increased use of BIM. In order to optimize the use of BIM, it is critical that the BIM data be shared between build team members. As a result, interoperability of technology is an important factor. Re-entering data from a BIM into another application or platform used by the build team creates wasteful and costly duplication.

About 3% of project costs are related to software non-interoperability. As construction values have risen to record high levels, productivity within the industry has come under scrutiny. The industry generally perceives lack of interoperability as an impediment to improving productivity.

Conventional delivery methods have often promoted a divide between build team members, as work is handed off from one member to the next throughout the process. As team members work closely together during the design phases, they have a greater ability to impact costs before the project progresses into the construction phases. In order to reap the full benefits of BIM’s ability to promote integrated project delivery, build team members will increasingly need to have interoperable solutions.

While industry groups are often working toward the same interoperability goals, these groups are sometimes following different paths to a solution. A majority of the industry lists software incompatibility issues as the primary factor impacting build team members ability to share information across software.

As a significant portion of the industry adopts BIM and explores its uses, concern over interoperability isuues will grow. If a limited number of firms use BIM, the need to seamlessly share data between BIM and other applications being used on the team remains in important issue.

Interoperability within the built environment will be achieved through a combination of solutions spurred by people and technology. As build team members create and reference these data-rich models, the advantages of sharing data between disciplines become clearer. With adoption of BIM heading toward a tipping point in 2008, more users of this technology may seek solutions that facilitate data exchange. Competitive pressure could drive this dynamic. Build team members believe their competitors may be adopting BIM more quickly than they are. To avoid the risk of falling behind, more firms will adopt BIM and possibly push its limits to create their own competitive advantages.

While use of BIM is on the rise, looming legal issues threaten its use within an interoperable environment. As a new technology, there are limited legal and contractual frameworks to clearly define liability. BIM offers a dynamic exchange of data, yet within the legal community contracts are often established using language based on 2D drawings. In some contract language, if there are discrepancies between electronic files and printed files, the printed files govern. Within a model-sharing environment, data need to flow from one party to the next electronically with all parties trusting their accuracy. Without a framework to allay concerns about indemnity in such an environment, build team members will remain hesitant to collaborate using BIM. (Patrick J. O”Connor, Jr., “Productivity and Innovation in the Construction Industry; The Case for Building Information Modeling.” Pp. 35-41)


  • BIM Experience will breed awareness and drive demand.
  • Owners increasingly will take leadership roles
  • Users will lead the way to define tangible benefits of interoperability
  • Universal interoperability between all applications will not be the near-term solution
  • Major software companies will respond to market demand for interoperable solutions, but at their pace
  • This environment will spawn unprecedented entrepreneurial opportunity. Companies who can think of cost justification and user requirements, and these technology firms who do not have the baggage of legacy data structures and installed foundation to support targeted solutions that come out of the box, will be ready to enable existing tools to play nice with others.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Visa Lighting Families

I had the opportunity to work with Visa Lighting and taught them how they can create Revit Families for their entire product line. The challenge that we had was that they already had all of their fixtures drawn in SolidWorks. So we exported them out as ACIS Solids, and Imported them into Revit MEP and added connectors. We also worked on creating Revit Parameters for these families so that the electrical information will work with Revit MEP and it's electrical settings.

Visa Lighting offers a comprehensive BIM product library. The BIM files contain meta-data to assist in energy, sustainability, and photometric calculations. BIM also removes the barriers between design and collaboration; projects proceed smoothly as errors are reduced or eliminated, less waste of resources and time result in improved, superior projects of superior quality. Our dedication to the design community dictates we assume a leadership role in extending the graphic capabilities of this powerful tool.

Download the Content Here

Friday, November 16, 2007

Revit MEP 2008 New Build - 11/9/2007

Web Update Enhancement List

Improvements made in the Web Update #3 build (20071109_2345):
  • Consistent Electrical Fixture insertion behavior after creating Electrical Fixture schedules.
  • Improves performance when placing Callouts on MEP models in certain situations.
  • Allows the ability to array face-based families placed on a vertical face.
  • Allows the ability to maintain face-based instances on curved surfaces of a Revit link when the link is unloaded.
  • Improves stability when selecting Sections.
  • Allows the ability to insert an electrical receptacle into a legend view.
  • Improves stability when accessing the Help menu in Revit MEP on a computer with the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system.
  • Improves stability when applying a view template to a sheet.
  • Improves performance when views contain many objects with overridden graphics by element.
Download it Here

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Additional Revit MEP Content

I would like to let everybody know that Autodesk has just released their Revit MEP Content Extension on their website. There's more MEP content that needs to be built, but this is a step in the right direction. The Revit MEP® Content Extension provides new content for Revit MEP users. Both Imperial and Metric versions of the content are available for download below, in ZIP format. After download, users can then uncompress the file to the desired content location.

Before You Download
The content files are compressed with their path information included back to the root directory of the folder structure installed with Revit® MEP 2008 Web Update #2. For example, in a default installation of Imperial content, the ZIP file would be uncompressed at:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\RME 2008\Imperial Library

In this situation, all files will be uncompressed to the correct folders.

Click Here to Download

New Content Added

Air Curtains

  • Electric Air Curtains

  • Steam Air Curtains

Air Seperators

  • Air Separator-Scoop-1-in.-1-1_4-in.

  • Air Separator-Scoop

  • Flanged Tangential Air Separator

  • Tangential Air Separator-Inline-Flange

  • Tangential Air Separator-Inline-Threaded

  • Threaded Tangential Air Separator

  • Vortex Air Separator

Air TerminalsDiffusers

  • Circular Louver Face Ceiling Diffuser Rectangular
    Circular Louver Face Ceiling Diffuser Round
    Linear Slot Diffusers
    Perforated Face Rectangular Neck Ceiling Diffusers
    Perforated Face Round Neck Ceiling Diffusers
    Simple Linear Slot Diffuser
    Rectangular Diffuser - Round Neck - HostedGrilles
    Ceiling Return Air Grilles with Trim
    Rectangular Return Grille - Square Neck - Hosted 2
    Rectangular Return Grille - Square Neck - Hosted 3
    Rectangular Exhaust Grille - Square Neck - HostedRegisters
    Rectangular Floor Register


  • 212-475 MBH Modular Gas-Fired Cast-Iron Boiler
    Firetube Boilers
    Watertube Boilers
    Condensing Condensing Boiler
    Gas-Fired Cast-Iron 1186 MBH Gas-Fired Cast-Iron Boiler
    Gas-Fired Cast-Iron 1248-1310 MBH Gas-Fired Cast-Iron Boiler
    Gas-Fired Cast-Iron 1435-1560 MBH Gas-Fired Cast-Iron Boiler
    Gas-Fired Cast-Iron 321-562 MBH Gas-Fired Cast-Iron Boiler
    Gas-Fired Cast-Iron 624-811 MBH Gas-Fired Cast-Iron Boiler
    Gas-Fired Cast-Iron 874-1123 MBH Gas-Fired Cast-Iron Boiler


  • Centrifugal Chillers
    Centrifugal Chiller
    Centrifugal ChillersAbsorption Chillers
    Direct-Fired Absorption Chiller
    Single-Stage Absorption Chiller
    Two-Stage Absorption ChillerRotary Chillers
    Air Cooled Rotary Chillers
    110-125-ton Water Cooled Rotary Liquid Chiller
    125-225-ton Water Cooled Helical Rotary Chiller
    250-325-ton Water Cooled Helical Rotary Chiller
    350-450-ton Water Cooled Helical Rotary Chiller
    70-100-ton Water Cooled Rotary Liquid ChillerScrew Chillers
    Water Cooled Screw Chiller - 300 to 550 Tons
    Air Cooled Screw Chiller - 80 to 500 TonsScroll Chillers
    Air-Cooled Chiller
    20-ton Condenserless Scroll Chiller
    20-ton Water Cooled Scroll Chiller
    25-ton Condenserless Scroll Chiller
    25-ton Water Cooled Scroll Chiller
    30-ton Condenserless Scroll Chiller
    30-ton Water Cooled Scroll Chiller
    Classroom Air Conditioners
    Classroom Air Conditioners


  • Electric Air Heating Coil
    Hydronic Air Cooling Coil
    Hydronic Air Heating Coil
    Large Coils
    Medium Coils
    Small CoilsCondensers

Air-Cooled Condensers

  • 17-265 MBH Small Horizontal Air-Cooled Condenser
    17-265 MBH Small Vertical Air-Cooled Condenser
    301-455 MBH Large Horizontal Air-Cooled Condenser
    614-1819 MBH Large Horizontal Air-Cooled Condenser
    Evaporative Condensers
    1327-1969 MBH Evaporative Condenser
    2135-3171 MBH Evaporative Condenser
    3316-4270 MBH Evaporative Condenser
    4062-6322 MBH Evaporative Condenser
    6425-9970 MBH Evaporative Condenser
Cooling Towers
  • Evaporative Fluid Cooler
    Counterflow Cooling Tower
    Induction Cooling Tower
    Cyclone Dust Collector


  • Opposed Blade Dampers
    Parallel Blade Dampers
    Balancing Dampers
    Rectangular Balancing Damper
    Motorized Control Damper
    Round Balancing Damper
    Fire Dampers
    Round Fire Dampers
    Rectangular Fire Damper


  • Economizer
    Modular Economizer


  • Belt Drive Fans
    Cabinet Ceiling Fans
    Direct Drive Fans
    Fan Module Front Discharge Up
    Fan Module Rear Discharge Up
    Fan Module Side Discharge
    Propeller Fans
    Rooftop Upblast Fans
    Sidewall Exhaust Fans
    Tubular Inline Fans
    Fan Coil Units


  • Angle Filters
    Bag Filters
    Cartridge Filters
    Flat Filters
    Rack-Mounted Water Filter
    Sand Filter
    Wall-Mounted Water Filter

Fire Protection

  • Dry Sprinklers
    Upright Dry Sprinkler
    Fire Department Inlet Connections
    2-Way Flush FD Connection Outlet Body
    2-Way Flush FD Inlet Connection Plate
    3-Way Flush FD Connection Outlet Body
    3-Way Flush FD Inlet Connection Plate
    2-Way FD Inlet Connection Body
    3-Way FD Inlet Connection Body
    2-Way Projecting FD Inlet Connection
    3-Way Projecting FD Inlet Connection
    Single Flush FD Inlet Connection

Fire Detection and Alarm Equipment

  • Alarm Pressure Switch
    Water Flow Indicator
    Water Motor Alarm
    Hose Cabinets
    Recessed Hose Rack Cabinet
    Semi-Recessed Hose Rack Cabinet
    Surface Mounted Hose Rack Cabinet
    Recessed Hose Reel Cabinet
    Semi-Recessed Hose Reel Cabinet
    Surface Mounted Hose Reel Cabinet
    Hose Connections
    Gate Valve Hose Connection
    Globe Valve Hose Connection
  • Sprinklers

  • Tanks

  • Retard Chamber


  • Alarm Check Valve
    Deluge Valve
    Dry Pipe Valve
    Pressure Operated Relief Valve

Fume Hoods

  • Ductless Bench Fume Hood
    Exhaust Fume Hood Station
    Grease Hoods
    Grease Hood-Backshelf
    Grease Hood-Compensating- Island Style-Bottom Discharge
    Grease Hood-Compensating- Island Style-Front_Bottom Discharge
    Grease Hood-Compensating-Island Style-Front Discharge
    Grease Hood-Compensating-Wall Style-Bottom Discharge
    Grease Hood-Compensating-Wall Style-Front and Bottom Discharge
    Grease Hood-Compensating-Wall Style-Front Discharge
    Grease Hood-Exhaust Only-Island Style-Tapered End
    Grease Hood-Exhaust Only-Island Style
    Grease Hood-Exhaust Only-Wall Style-Tapered
    Grease Hood-Exhaust Only-Wall Style
    Grease Hood-Short Circuit-Island Style
    Grease Hood-Short Circuit-Wall Style
    Oven and Range Hoods
    Oven_Condensate Hood
    Range Hood - Ducted - Rear Rectangular Duct
    Range Hood - Ducted - Top Rectangular Duct
    Range Hood-Duct Free
    Range Hood-Ducted-Top Round Duct


  • Furnace


  • Pressure Gauge
    Temperature Gauge

Heat Exchangers

  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Heat Pumps

  • Single Packaged Heat Pumps
    Split System Heat Pumps
    Water Source Heat Pumps


  • Cabinet Unit Heaters
    Horizontal Concealed Cabinet Unit Heater
    Vertical Cabinet Unit Heater
    Vertical Concealed Cabinet Unit Heater



  • Eight inch Pitch Extruded Louver
    Extruded Louver
    Storm Resistant Louver
    Mixing Boxes
    Mixing Boxes
    Modular Air Handling Units
    AHU Coils
    AHU Economizers
    AHU Fans
    Fan Module Front Discharge Up
    Fan Module Rear Discharge Up
    Fan Module Side Discharge
    AHU Filters
    Angle Filters
    Bag Filters
    Cartridge Filters
    AHU Inspection Modules
    Large Inspection Module
    Medium Inspection Module
    Small Inspection Module
    AHU Intakes
    AHU Intakes
    AHU Mixing Boxes
    Packaged Air Handlers
    Pressure Regulators
    Hand Knob Operated Pressure Regulator
    Wrench Operated Pressure Regulator


  • Close Coupled End Suction Pumps
    Horizontal Centrifugal Pump Template
    Horizontal Pressure Operated Condensate Pump
    Horizontal Split Case Pumps
    Inline Pumps
    Inline Vertical Pump Template
    Vertical Pressure Operated Condensate Pump

Roof Mounted AC Units

  • Electric Roof Mounted AC Units
    Gas Fired Roof Mounted AC Units
    Split System Air Handlers
    Air Handler Unit Template
    Steam Traps
    Inverted Bucket Steam Trap


  • Basket Strainers
    Y Strainer
    Suction Diffusers


  • Condensate Receiver
    Fuel Tank
    Horizontal Storage Tank
    Vertical Storage Tank
    Expansion Tanks
    Combination Expansion Tank
    Freestanding Horizontal Expansion Tank
    Freestanding Vertical Expansion Tank
    In-Line Expansion Tank
    Mixing Tanks
    Cone Bottom Mixing Tank
    Dish Bottom Mixing Tank


  • Ball Valves
    Butterfly Valves
    Venturi Flow Meter
    Pressure Relief Valve
    Gate Valves
    Lever Balancing Valve
    Solenoid Valve - .25 - .375
    Solenoid Valve - .5 - 3
    Threaded Cap Relief Valve
    Vacuum Breaker Backflow Valve
    Y Globe Balancing Valve Elbow
    Y Globe Straight Balancing Valve - Sizes .5 - 2
    Y Globe Straight Balancing Valve - Sizes 2.5 - 12
    3-Way Valves
    3-Way Valves
    3-Way Control Valves-Motor
    Check Valves
    Check Valves
    Backflow Preventer
    Double Swing Check Valve Horizontal - 2.5 - 6
    Double Swing Check Valve Horizontal - 8 - 10
    Double Swing Check Valve Vertical - 2.5 - 6
    Double Swing Check Valve Vertical - 8 - 10
    Check Valve-Flange
    Check Valve-Wafer
    Circuit Setter Valves
    Circuit Setter-1_2-in-2-in
    Circuit Setter-2-1_2-in - 4-in
    Diaphragm Valves
    Diaphragm Valve-Straight Through-Flange
    Diaphragm Valve-Straight Throuth-1_2-in-2-in
    Y Diaphragm Valve - Flanged
    Y Diaphragm Valve - Threaded
    Weir Type Diaphragm Valve
    Globe Valves
    Globe Valves
    Globe Valve-Flange
    Motor Controlled Valves
    0.5 - 1.0 Inch Motor Controlled Valve
    1.25 - 6 Inch Motor Controlled Valve
    8 - 12 Inch Motor Controlled Valve
    Plug Valves
    Plug Valve-Lever Handle
    Plug Valve-1_2-in-2-in
    Plug Valve-3-Way-1_2-in-2-in
    Plug Valve-3-Way-Gear Operator
    Plug Valve-3-Way-Lever Handle
    Plug Valve-Gear Operator
    Pressure Regulating Valves
    Pressure Regulating Flanged Valve
    Pressure Regulating Threaded Valve
    Triple Duty Valves
    Flanged Triple Duty Valve
    Threaded Angle Triple Duty Valve
    Threaded Triple Duty Valve
    Triple Duty-Flanged Angle

VAV Units

  • Outlet Plenums
    Outlet Plenum Cross
    Outlet Plenum Double Wye
    Outlet Plenum Left Elbow
    Outlet Plenum Left Wye
    Outlet Plenum Right Elbow
    Outlet Plenum Right Wye
    Outlet Plenum Tee
    Outlet Plenum Transition

VAV Boxes

  • Dual Duct VAV
    Parallel Fan Powered VAV
    Series Fan Powered VAV
    Single Duct VAV Box
    VAV Reheat Coils
    Reheat Water Coil
    Vertical Fan Coil UnitsVertical Fan Coil Units