Revit MEP

Revit MEP

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Troubleshooting Revit MEP

A 20 minute video from Autodesk's Harlan Brumm and Jerry Lee Smith covering:

Overview of the Revit MEP Workflow
  • Create new project using MEP template
  • Save Arch model as central file on server
  • Link in models using origin-to-origin
  • setting links to be room bounding
  • copy/monitor levels
  • Setting up views and apply view templates to views
  • create levels to account for plenum spaces
Troubleshooting Spaces and Zones
  • space not visible in view
  • rooms are "unoccupied"

Troubleshooting Revit MEP Performance
  • Not following workflow
  • not creating logical systems
  • large connected duct networks
  • complicated families
  • poorly connected elements
  • Limit color schemes
  • place endcaps on open ducts
  • ensure flow direction on connectors is correct

Revit MEP Comparison Matrix

Compare features from Revit MEP 2009, 2010 and 2011 and see what you're missing!

Revit MEP Comparison Matrix

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Family Jewels Blog - Creating Quality BIM Content for Revit MEP

A new Autodesk Website dedicated to BIM Content.  Familiy Jewels - Creating Quality BIM Content

I've talked to a lot of users who have dabbled in Revit MEP, and have quit saying they will try again when Revit gets more family content.  I don't remember AutoCAD coming with blocks back in the day.  We ended up creating all of our AutoCAD blocks to match our company standard.  It was a 25 year process.  Every company seems to have their own standard which varies from the National CAD Standard, or even the National BIM Standard.  If people end up waiting for someone to create all the content needed for for Revit MEP, you'll be waiting forever and never use the program.  The idea of waiting for someone else to make my content didn’t seem to be a proactive approach.  It's going to be another 25 year process of creating BIM content.  A job that will never be complete.  So getting started as soon as possible seems to be the best approach before falling behind.

People who have been using Revit Architecture or Revit MEP for a long period of time have either modeled from scratch or heavily customized nearly every family that is used in their projects. This means every piece of mechanical equipment, valve, air terminal, electrical device, lighting fixture, plumbing fixture, annotative tag, schedule, parameter and view reference.  These users have done this not because they want to work with Revit, but because they want Revit to work for them.  So how do you get Revit MEP work for you? One way is to seach for content directly from the manufacturer like Greenheck Fan, or by using Autodesk's Seek website.  But the other way is by creating your own families. The families you create can be as simple as a box, yet still provide information about a mechanical system and help with coordination of your BIM model.

This blog will feature some tips and tricks of creating quality content, some free content, some links to manufacturer Revit content, and all sorts of information related directly to BIM content.