Revit MEP

Revit MEP

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Rendering Engine in Revit 2009 Platform

Rendering in Revit with mental ray makes it possible to render photorealistic exterior and interior scenes.

Photometric lights and mental ray materials allow views to be rendered inside of Revit. Environment settings and entourage add life to the rendered scenes.

The first image was a precanned view but I added some light fixtures, and rendered the scene to be a night scene and adjusted some settings to show off the lighting.

The second image was already completed by Autodesk, and I just exported it out of the project. But these are just objects in Revit that have materials assigned to them, and light fixtures that have ies photometrics and light sources attached to them.

There isn't much for setting up of lights in the rendering proceedure. Other than the ability to turn some lights on and some lights off in light groups and you can also dim the light groups in Revit rendering. The lights will render as what they are in the family. Last is the Light Source Definition that is new in 2009. You can choose the shape and distribution that the light gives off. This and the IES photometric file can be used for both point-by-point analysis in 3rd party programs and for renderings in Revit MEP.

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