Revit MEP

Revit MEP

Monday, June 18, 2007

BIM Library Manager from Tectonic Partners Inc.

The BIM Library Manager is a sophisticated software application for the organization, management, naming and selection of the Revit families (2D and 3D objects such as doors, windows, cabinets, plumbing, lighting, etc.) that are necessary for the creation of Revit building models. The BIM Library Manager also includes hundreds of excellent parametric families to assist architects in the efficient creation of their BIM (Building Information Models) projects. The BIM Library Manager is licensed on a per-seat, yearly subscription basis.

The use of Revit for the creation of BIM is rapidly expanding within the architectural professions. To create 3D building models and contract documents using Revit the architect must access a collection of families that can be selected and inserted into the BIM model. Therefore thousands of families are required that may be selected from on each project.

These families have proven to be a challenge for those using Revit. As the quantity of the doors, windows, equipment, fixtures, etc. have grown the inventorying, selecting and moving of these families into the Revit model has become overwhelming. All offices and particularly firms with multiple offices are finding that their families are stored “all over the place”. Inconsistent naming conventions are also adding to the problem as often the same family is called different names within the same office. Adding to the challenge there are currently not enough well modeled families available.

Andrew Arnold, Ph.D.,VP Products states, “The BIM Library Manager was designed to solve the problems of working with Revit families. Our application resides at the architect’s office on individual computers or on their network and is designed to collect, organize and present through a simple interface their families. Tectonic has also included Naming Guidelines to assist the architect in developing a good and consistent naming system. Consistent and logical naming is extremely important as the BIM model is used for quantity take off and analysis. Additionally, the BIM Library Manager includes hundreds of well modeled parametric families that will instantly improve the architect’s efficiency in using Revit. Tectonic will continue to develop well modeled families and make them available to our customers through a link at our Internet site.”

The BIM Library Manager is designed as a platform to allow the plug in of future Tectonic products, such as the Tectonic Quantity Take Off application that will be released mid year. The system architecture weaves together tools based upon the Open Services Gateway initiative (OSGi), Eclipse development platform, and Microsoft .NET technology. The application is made available for download from the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.

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