Revit MEP

Revit MEP

Monday, November 23, 2009

Taco Revit Familiers

Download them Here

These Revit families are 2009 version.

The families are not the smallest files. They are a bit large. (900k typically). But if you don't have a lot of them, you could make due.

The Taco families are parametric, and there are hundreds of files, one for each pump and they contain all of the data associated with the pump.

There is a Type Catalog TXT file for each Taco family. Make sure that file is in the same location as the family itself.

You can download an entire pump family as a zip file, but then each pump is in another zip file, so you need to unzip each pump, and like I said, there are hundreds of them. Otherwise you can download them on the fly as you need them from Autodesk's Seek site.

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