Revit MEP

Revit MEP

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

REVIT® MEP 2010 Update 1 build (20090612_2115):


Improvements made in Update 1 build (20090612_2115):

Autodesk® Revit® MEP 2010 Enhancements
  • Export to IFC will now respect the level of detail associated with the current view.
  • Improved stability when copying family geometry from one family to another.
  • Added support for wire gaps to display when starting a project without a template.
  • Improved circuiting on electrical devices that contain more than one electrical connector.
  • Circuits will no longer be un-circuited or rebalanced during a save to central.
  • Improved ability to re-host face hosted elements.
  • Space tag leader is now assigned to correct space tag category for view control.
  • Space separation line now works when walls are grouped in linked architectural models.
  • Diameter control in the Options Bar now displays correctly.
  • Fixed problems with demand factors being deleted when using the Undo command after making a change to a demand factor.
  • Fixed memory leak when printing or publishing in 64-bit OS.
  • Corrected the default unit value for air viscosity in mechanical settings.
  • Improved stability when adding a pipe connector in a family with imported CAD geometry.
  • Corrected display of single line rise/drop pipe graphics in a section view.
  • Can now change the pipe accessory type of inserted families that only contain one connector.
  • Plan regions now display geometry correctly.
  • Fixed disconnected fitting when changing the duct elbow type when it is back to back with a reducer.
  • A duct fitting tap will no longer be incorrectly rotated when changing the width of the main duct.
  • Routing solutions will now be provided when selecting both a duct assigned to a system and an undefined duct.
  • Improved stability when trying to draw ducts in a project with no levels.
  • In some instances ducts would incorrectly display as single line when using color fills. This has been corrected.
  • Improved stability when justifying ducts in a section view.
  • Eliminated extra graphics that would occasionally display on duct fittings.
  • Airflow is now added to duct branch when using connect into from a diffuser and connecting to a main duct.
  • Corrected problem of duct branches moving when nudging a main duct using the arrow keys.
  • Corrected problem of justifying ducts breaking connection to taps.
  • In some situations, sloped single line pipes would not display. This has been corrected.
  • MEP objects that are below the bottom of the primary view range will now be displayed using the beyond linetype.
  • Improved stability when selecting equipment in a partially created air system.
  • Justification will now be automatically changed to center/middle when routing duct or pipe in a section view.
  • When using the layout path tools, small offsets will now be displayed in yellow to indicate that the layout will probably fail if the path is accepted. When this occurs, the user should select another path option or modify the path manually.
  • Improved the geometry that is exported as gbXML for energy analysis including eliminating extra cutouts and small sliver spaces.
  • Metric models are now imported correctly as metric units when importing into Autodesk®
  • Green Building Studio® web-based service.
  • Improved stability when editing the zone tag leader family.
  • Improved stability when editing nested families.
  • Building pads are now correctly exported to gbXML as floors instead of walls.
  • Plenum spaces will now display with plenum icon in Heating and Cooling Loads dialog.
  • Improved stability when deleting a phase value from an electrical distribution system.
  • When using the draw duct command from the right click menu, the new duct will automatically match the shape and size of the selected duct.
  • The total load on a power panel will now properly update when an electrical device is changed to a different type with a different load.
  • Added tools for pick edges, line shapes, etc. in space separation tool in ribbon.

Autodesk® Revit® Platform Enhancements

  • Dragging a ribbon panel near a view no longer causes the view to pan.
  • Improvements to color fill output when exporting to DWFx.
  • All reference callouts, sections, and elevations will mirror when project is mirrored.
  • When the sheet view is active, ribbon commands display the correct UI state.
  • "Is Reference" Instance Property is available for reference points.
  • Commands in Print Preview mode can now be accessed by keytips.
  • Improves stability when printing.
  • Decal image path is now saved.
  • Disables the "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" option when tool already exists on Quick Access Toolbar.
  • View Control Bar no longer shows old and new state of commands until the view is redrawn.
  • Improved detail level icons in the View Control Bar.
  • Improvements to form creation and editing of conceptual
  • Improvements to divided surfaces on conceptual masses.
  • Improved graphic performance when using View Cube® navigation tool.
  • Images will now display in print preview and print correctly.
  • Improved stability when printing to PDF.
  • Type Selector preview images update for types created by Duplicate Type command.
  • Type Selector will remain added to Quick Access Toolbar when opening a new Autodesk Revit MEP session.
  • When multiple contextual tabs are available, the proper contextual tab will be displayed when clicking on the Options Bar.
  • Improved stability when multple sessions of Autodesk Revit MEP are running.
  • Duplicate icons from ribbon and application frame no longer appear in the Options Bar.
  • Improved stability when plotting or exporting.
    lt+Numeric keypad entries will create the expected special text character.
  • Improved ribbon display issues.
  • TIFF images will display correctly in plan after project is reopened.
  • Relinquish all when closing a local file now works if there is a new view, family, or workset in the project.
  • Selecting Boundary when creating a ramp or stair no longer reverts back to Run option.
  • Flip controls are now available in the Detail Component family editor.
    ADSK file from Autodesk Inventor software no longer loses custom UCS information in Autodesk Revit MEP.
  • Application fram size is saved between sessions.
  • Reveal Hidden Elements and select keyboard shortcut enabled in family environment.
  • Select previous keyboard shortcut is now available.
  • Raster export to DWF format will follow quality settings.
  • On Quick Access Toolbar, moved Sync to Central command next to Save command.
  • Improved visibility of Tab highlights when in thin line mode.
  • Modified section and elevation command icons.
  • Room/Area Tag, Column, Keynote Tag, and Component/Repeating Detail/Legend Component dropdown buttons on the ribbon will now reflect the last-used command.
  • Improved precision of parameters in families using type catalogs.
  • Improved display of shadows.
  • Improvements to IFC export.
  • Improved display of color fills in elevation views.
  • When exporting to TIFF or PNG, the sky alpha channel will now properly drop out.
  • Improved wall-by-face creation on imported masses.
  • Wall wraps will display correctly in detail views.
  • When exporting wall joins into DWG with shared coordinates, all collinear lines are now merged.
  • Improved stability when using parallel wall join cleaning switch described in the Revit Performance Technical Note.

Revit API Enhancements

  • Suppressed Revit inaccuracies warnings during transaction when generating geometries using massing API
  • Associated LinearArray's NumMembers property with Family paramter.
  • Dissociated FamilyParameter from Label property of BaseArray and Dimension
  • Provided a tool to update reference path of RevitAPI.dll for samples.
  • Provided an update to DistanceToPanels sample.
  • Improved stability when creating NewReferencePoint with PointOnEdge that references a ModelCurve.
  • Floating point values are no longer reset when crossing from managed code to unmanaged code.
  • In the Print API, ViewSheetSetting.Save() no longer raises an InvalidOperationException when the user remvoes all views.
  • A meaningful exception will be raised when incorrect sketchPlane is used in NewSweep(,,SketchPlan,,,).
  • FamilyManager.Set() can now assign ElementId value to parameter.
  • Improved stability when using DocumentOpened event and linked files.
  • Improved stability of VSTA.

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