Revit MEP

Revit MEP

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

AutoCAD Revit MEP 2010 API to Estimating and CAM

AutoCAD Revit MEP 2010 API - Design BIM to Manufacturing BIM. Autodesks new 2010 API opens the door for Estimating and Manufacturing directly to CAM-Duct and other TSI integrated solutions. Working with Autodesk development team we have bridged the gap between Design BIM and Manufacturing BIM by providing a direct path from design files created with AutoCAD Revit MEP 2010 HVAC, Pipe, and Plumbing to truly integrated database solutions CAM-Duct, CAD-Duct, EST-Duct, CAD-Mech, EST-Mech using new FAB-Duct and FAB-Mech software provide by Technical Sales International (TSI) 866-493-6337.

Thanks Erik Lewis for pointing this out. This will be very interesting.

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