Revit MEP

Revit MEP

Monday, January 12, 2009

TurboSquid is Selling Revit Content

TurboSquid is the only Autodesk® partner for a Revit® content marketplace. All Revit families in their Building Components section will be guaranteed to have correct parameterization.

Revit Market is designed specifically for Revit users to buy and sell Revit families, scenes, and visualization content.

TurboSquid Revit Content

Got Families?

You worked hard on your custom Revit families, but now that the job's over, they're just taking up space on your hard drive. Put those Revit families to work for you, generating cash or credits that you can use to purchase other quality Revit families.

Royalty Options

All sales of your Revit families will get you a 50% royalty. You can opt to receive royalties as cash at the end of each month, or roll over your royalties to a credit account.

Revit Market at TurboSquid is a community marketplace that accepts only correctly parameterized Revit families for its catalog. All the products in our catalog are published by users like you, professionals creating quality Revit families for their own projects.


  1. This sounds very sales pitchy, Scott.

  2. I agree, and it's my project! Perhaps Scott was excited.