Revit MEP

Revit MEP

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Showing Pipe Below a Slab in Revit MEP

The issue of hiding pipe that is running under walls and/or slab is a little tricky. At this point, there are two ways that you can show piping as hidden, when it is running under slab. Unfortunately, neither one is really "automatic".

The following images shows a method of creating a filter using the pipe elevation. So if you go to Visibilty/Graphics, and look at the filter tab, you'll see a filter created, which shows any pipe as dashed if it is below the elevation of 0'-0". To create that filter you have to click on the Edit/New... button to create the filter.
Inside the filter tab, you can click ADD, and choose the catagory that your filter is going to apply to, then choose the rule you want to apply to those catagories or objects.

The image below shows the alternate way of displaying "buried" pipe, and that is much more of a manual process. Simply highlight the segment you want to show as hidden, right-click, and select Override by Element. Then you can override the line property of each segment that you want to show as hidden.

As you can see, neither one of these options may be what you were specifically looking for, but these are the workarounds for now.

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